Please be aware that the internet in many areas which are affected by Corona virus is under a great deal of pressure due to the increase in the numbers of people at home - One of the ways in which ISPs reduce this pressure is to throttle connections.
ISPs can only do this if they can "see" that those streaming IPTV are their customers and what they are doing.

All users Not just those who are currently affected should change the DNS used by your router away from auto (which means your ISP) to Google (there are also many other open DNS which will work equally well).
Because some will be using ISP supplied routers on which changing this setting may not be possible or is only temporary - Do the same with any STB; TV; Mag; E2 etc. 

The above may not be sufficient and many more users may find the need to install a suitable VPN which should prevent any additional blocking - Remember that the well known VPN companies are also likely to be facing pressure due to the increased numbers of users and consequently may not be the best choice.

Particularly affected by this at the time of writing are areas of Spain and the UK - Many areas of Eastern Europe are experiencing localised problems. This problem is by no means limited to these areas - Anyone may be affected and more will be every day. Because many more are likely to be affected resellers please ensure your clients do this now.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

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